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Monday, March 1, 2010

eLearning Innovation

<----->e-Learning Innovation not just only means developing your course in modules or just fancy looking course with some flash interactive elements or getting results in less time or money. eLearning Innovation is a balance of both Art and Science for changing our outlook towards e-Learning.

Innovate for making the things simpler and look at things in a different manner with more creative and efficient way. Focus innovation on not just only solving present learning problem but also sense and provides solutions for future learning needs includes technical and non-technical. It’s also about utilizing the social media in right proportion to increase collaboration among learners. Focus on transforming knowledge in to action and also formalize your informal learning initiatives. We are living in a world of 140 words (Twitter) so think about Instructional Design in a more refined and defined manner.

Just imagine this world without Google and Apple products and you will realize the true potential of Innovation. So the next time you were trying to solve any learning problem or preparing your learning strategy tries to be more innovative.

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