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Monday, October 10, 2011

Streamline your content delivery strategy with Amazon Web Services

So, you have the best content ready to share and definitely your aim is to make it available to your target audience always and everywhere.

Let’s talk a little about two words: Always and everywhere, these words are very generic but most powerful, think about your audience they are everywhere and they want the access always, when they need it from different mediums like, computer, phone, tablets and Ipod.

How we are sharing content today! by blogs, videos, sharing PPT on presentation sharing website, posting on Organization, University and own website. Also, sharing the same links on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn .

If you are hosting your content via Learning Management System (LMS) which reside on your organization server or somewhere with very good data center in the one part of the world then again you have to think about availability of your content in other part of the world at same time, speed and access medium.

The main challenge everyone facing today is right platform or infrastructure to host your knowledge content and make it accessible to infinite audience with multiple access and no down time.

May be during one of the month/ day / hour or on a particular content piece your audience grows suddenly and also comes back to manageable no’s after some time.The important question here is, Did your current infrastructure support this?

Amazon Web services (AWS) have this answer, which other major education provider also using like Harvard, Maryland and others. If you are also thinking of moving your LMS to AWS cloud this is the right time.

Amazon Web services (AWS) also running a special grant program for Education, educators, academic researchers, and students.

AWS will let you focus on the content and relive you from delivery infrastructure problems. Now your audience can access your content everywhere and always.......