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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Making sense out of HR department! HRBP = Human Relations Business Participant?

It is people who work to make a Google a Google , Facebook a Facebook - the most important asset of any business is obviously people (employees, consultants & vendors ).

Typically Human Resource department is responsible for people related issues, people who work towards business growth. Do you believe that HR in your organization is part of the main business stream ?

If you just answered a ‘Yes’, then think "Why is HR not part of the strategic decisions of the company like merger & acquisition, setting business goals, outsourcing decision, expansion into new country, new business domain launch, profit and loss evaluations and other significant topics?"

Doesn’t all these strategic decision revolves around people ? So, why is your HR missing when you took/take these decisions ?

I’m not saying its just the business leaders’ fault to consider HR function as cost / support center which relegates itself to on-boarding, exit interviews, benefits, creating workplace policy and fun activities. It's also a reflection and interest of the HR folks to stay in their comfort zone. Even if they a have great business ideas which can support :
  • Employee engagement
  • Leadership development
  • Coaching
  •  Motivating employees
  •  Learning & Innovation
  •  Organization Culture
or thoughts on the impact of a business decision on the quality of work life balance etc. they just stop themselves or get pushed back by their senior HR managers, if not by business leaders.

How many HR folks have heard this, "That's how we do business or its business demand, just do it!" There have been several discussions to involved HR in the mainstream decision making but those discussions have not fetched anything significant.

Business leaders: Please give your HR a chance to be part of your strategic decision making, they are voice of the employees and advocates of people who work for you and give you the business result. I urge you to welcome their thoughts and work a strategy around people and see the business results.

HR folks: This is the time for you to brush up your skills and gain more knowledge to support business decision while keeping people in mind at the end of the day you are HRBP = Human Relations Business Participant. 

Just get down to the ground and understand the business you support. You have a critical role to play. 

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