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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Google elearning Suite

Welcome to the endless world of Google. I can still recollect my memories of year 1996, 97 and 98 (up to December when PC magazine recognize Google as Search Engine). My friends use to refer me a website and I end up writing the complete web address. Sometimes I got it wrong also and then a new world war starts to find the right one.
Now days I never bother to remember a website address, just use Google Search and every time I find many new useful links.

Back to the business; Google has completely changes the dimensions of learning.

Let’s consider a scenario:
A Small or Medium size enterprise (or a NGO/ School/ College) wants to promote learning culture in their organization besides they do not have budget to spend on this.  A little tricky, but solution is “Google”

You can start your eLearning blog on Blogger (just like this) and provides selective access to user from your organization or College. Use Google Picasa for embedding pictures.

Google YouTube platform serves for not just delivering videos online but also you can convert your PPT to Video (shareware available on web) and publish it. You can also embed Videos in you’re learning blogs. Change settings to Private for controlling access.
Concerned about content localization, try Google Translate.

Google Calendar can serve as your formal training calendar. Use Google Docs to Create, share and download knowledge material in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Try Google Video Chat to deliver live instructor led training session and participants can also collaborate in real time on Gtalk.

How I can forget Gmail, well it can be your knowledge sharing platform for informal knowledge sharing and storage space is practically unlimited also its search feature is fabulous. You might also want to share updates, photos, videos, and more.  Start conversations about the things you find interesting on Google Buzz.

Keep yourself updated on the topic of your interest with Google Alerts & Google Reader. Get more subject knowledge with Google Books. Want some in depth subject knowledge try Google Scholar. Collaborate and discuss on topic of similar interest with Google Groups it will also helps to target Tacit Knowledge.

Google Wave can be your best alternative for a Collaborative learning sessions in real time or a brainstorming session and a replacement for over price web-meeting software’s. Here you can instantly translate in to 40 different languages.

Wondering, what to do about Assessments? No more worries Google Wave is Open Source. It will be possible to integrate external application for live polling (Try some R&D around this).

I know you’re missing SCORM at the end.

I think I forget to mention that most of these services come free of charge from Google. Oops...! Most of these Google products are blocked in your organization, then its good time to rethink.

Monday, March 1, 2010

eLearning Innovation

<----->e-Learning Innovation not just only means developing your course in modules or just fancy looking course with some flash interactive elements or getting results in less time or money. eLearning Innovation is a balance of both Art and Science for changing our outlook towards e-Learning.

Innovate for making the things simpler and look at things in a different manner with more creative and efficient way. Focus innovation on not just only solving present learning problem but also sense and provides solutions for future learning needs includes technical and non-technical. It’s also about utilizing the social media in right proportion to increase collaboration among learners. Focus on transforming knowledge in to action and also formalize your informal learning initiatives. We are living in a world of 140 words (Twitter) so think about Instructional Design in a more refined and defined manner.

Just imagine this world without Google and Apple products and you will realize the true potential of Innovation. So the next time you were trying to solve any learning problem or preparing your learning strategy tries to be more innovative.